Our Nudeskin Story

about nudeskin

“NUDESTIX is all about easy to use, multi-tasking no-makeup makeup that makes skin look like skin. An artist loved, award-winning makeup range formulated for global shades of nude. “

We wanted to create a skincare line with our NUDESTIX philosophy in mind - simplistic, natural beauty for every skin type. To do this, we collaborated with a leading dermatologist to provide expertise inskin science, novel innovation, natural efficacy, and skin education; all while using vegan-powered actives and eco-conscious packaging. Our goal is to create simple but highly effective products in an easy skincare routine that makes your skin look and feel better long term and on a day-to-day basis.

Our NUDESTIX motto is #GoNudeButBetter. Our NUDESKIN motto is #LoveMyNudeSkin. We know your skin will love NUDESKIN as much as we do!” – Jenny, Taylor & Ally Frankel

nude truth

What does the Nude Truth Mean to us?


Meet Jenny, Taylor and Ally Frankel, the chic, savvy, female founders of Nudestix.



Taylor Frankel is one of the savvy female founders behind NUDESTIX and NUDESKIN. Embodying the easy-going ideals of the millennial generation. Taylor actively serves as the Chief Brand Officer and brand spokesperson for the brand. She helps oversees the overall brand vision and creative for both the NUDESTIX and NUDESKIN teams.



Ally, Co-Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Nudestix, is the spirit of Generation Z and understands the need for natural makeup in the current age of sustainability. The younger Frankel sister is drawn to effortless, easy-to-use, cruelty-free cosmetics that accentuate natural beauty.



Jenny, Founder and President of Nudestix, is a chemical engineer with over two decades of experience developing beauty products. In her 20 years working in the cosmetics industry, Jenny has worked as a product developer for MAC — and co-founded the successful makeup brand Cover FX before going on to create Nudestix with Taylor and Ally.