NUDESTIX is pleased to announce partnership with Kaiser Coby as a collaborator in new product development.

"I was inspired by my grandma (nickname Gbaby) and heritage when making this collection in collaboration with with Nudestix! The names of the products are all inspired by my memories of my favourite places and scenery my grandma would take me and my siblings to when we were younger and living in Ghana, my home away from home!"


Danielle Coby, also known as @Kaisercoby via her social media channels is a UK-based influencer, with over 800k+ followers focusing on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle entertainment/content on her channels. Her ability to create glamorous looks and glowing skin have made her a favorite with consumers from all over the globe.

Kaiser's Faves

"I always tell my friends how happy, glowy and at peace I am when I’m there, so I wanted to make a collection to embody that feeling... the feeling of being on a vacation but feeling at home! When I think of there I’m filled with memories of the bright blue ocean, the beautiful sunset and the rich culture all around. I want that to be felt when using this collection, no matter where you are.”